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Image by Tina Guina

Direct Trade

Single Origin


Small Batch

Roasted in Hollister, Ca.

Ethical Coffee

All of our specialty coffee is Direct Trade meaning our supplier has negotiated a price directly with the coffee farmer which is above Fair Trade minimums. Direct Trade is a simple principal that allows coffee producers to receive premium prices in reward for quality coffee, and to reinvest to improve quality even more in the future. ​

Image by Clint McKoy

Why Our Coffee?

All of our coffee is hot air roasted. Hot air roasted coffee uses convection heat and air to loft the beans for a very even heat transfer.


The “Clean Bright Taste” people rave about is achieved by roasting the bean quickly and evenly while suspended on a bed of hot air. You will find this coffee less bitter then traditional drum roasted coffee.

Taste the Air Roasted Difference

We believe in fresh quality coffee. Many of the coffees you get today in your local grocery store can be several months old, who wants coffee that has been sitting on a store shelf for over 3 months or maybe longer? That is why all of our coffee is roasted fresh to order, and is delivered to your home or office.

Where To Find Us

Bertuccio's Market

2410 Airline Highway, Hollister CA 95023

Where Will We Be Next

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"Taste the air roasted difference"

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